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Вид Кормы
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Investment Data Sheet 

Why Korma District? 

   Korma district is a small agricultural district of Gomel Oblast. Its administrative center is the modern urban settlement of Korma. The total area of the district is 950 km2. The district includes the urban settlement of Korma and 73 rural settlements. The urban settlement of Korma is located 230 km away from the city of Minsk, 98 km – from the city of Gomel, and 65 km – from the nearest railway station Rogachev.

   The population of Korma district was 13.9 thousand, including urban population – 7.9 thousand. Of these, men – 48.5%, women – 51.5%. Labor resources of the district amounted to 7.9 thousand people. The economically active population totaled 5.2 thousand people.  

   The Kormyansky district was formed in 1924, in 1938 it was included in the Gomel region, and the settlement of Korma received the status of an urban village

   In 1940, there were 5 brick-making enterprises, 11 woodworking enterprises, two garment enterprises operating in the region.There were two hospitals with 88 beds.There was a radio center serving 286 radio points in the village and 145 in the village.At this time, OSOAVIAKHIM (Society for Assistance to Defense, Aviation and Chemical Construction) was created, which worked with local youth.

   There were 46 primary, 18 incomplete secondary, 5 secondary schools, 3 kindergartens, 20 clubs, 16 reading rooms, 18 libraries in the district.There were 106 agricultural enterprises.

   From August 15, 1941 to November 25, 1943, the Kormiansky region was under the occupation of the German fascist invaders. During this time, the Nazis destroyed and plundered the area. They completely destroyed three machine and tractor stations, a state farm, 105 collective farms, a flax factory, a distillery, a dairy factory, removed agricultural machinery and implements, and liquidated the public livestock population. 70 schools, all libraries, district and local hospitals, and medical and obstetric posts were looted. The Nazis destroyed 1,369 houses of collective farmers, workers and employees.

    The development of the region was also significantly influenced by the accident at the Chernobyl nuclear power plant - 16.8 thousand hectares of farmland were taken out of circulation.Kormyansky district is one of the most affected.29 settlements, 2 rural executive committees, 2 agricultural enterprises ceased to exist.There has been a large outflow of the population.Before the accident at the Chernobyl nuclear power plant, 25,900 people lived on the territory of the region, including in the town ofFeed - 6450 people.

   Considerable work and resources were spent on minimizing the consequences of a technogenic catastrophe, which affected the development of the region, the socio-economic and sociocultural sphere.

   The region's industry is represented by two communal industrial enterprises - the communal housing and production unitary enterprise "Korma" and the communal unitary enterprise "Kormalen".And also produce industrial products on the territory of the district branch No. 2 of OJSC "Rechitsa textile", open joint-stock company "Kormyanskiy consumer services plant", municipal printing unitary enterprise "Policolor", which are not included in the volume of industry in the district.  

  The agro-industrial complex of the district is represented by 6 communal agricultural unitary enterprises and the open joint-stock company "Kormaagroservice".In addition, there is a structural subdivision “Poultry farm“ Sozh ”of RUE“ Belarusneft-Osobino ”on the territory of the district.С целью повышения эффективности  сельскохозяйственного производства постоянно  проводится работа по обновлению парка  сельскохозяйственной техники и  животноводческих помещений.

   The trading network of the district is represented by 133 retail objects of all forms of ownership with a total area of 8.4 thousand square meters.

   Of the total, 108 retail outlets or 81.2% belong to private entities, 10 retail outlets or 7.5% belong to the Kormyansky District Consumer Society, 9 shopping outlets or 6.8% belong to departmental trade, 6 chain shopping outlets or 4,5 %. 

   In rural areas, which do not have stationary trade, the population is served through 4 auto shops, the routes of which cover 24 settlements with a population of 3.7 thousand people.

    On the territory of the urban village of Korma there are 2 markets with a total of 207 retail outlets.

    In the field of public catering, the population is served by the Rogachev branch of the Gomel Regional Consumer Society, the private trade unitary enterprise "Shashlychny Dvor", and the private production and trade unitary enterprise "Golden Retio".

    On the territory of the district, a wide range of consumer services is provided by OJSC "Kormyansky KBO". 2 private business entities provide services in the field of maintenance and repair of road transport; 3 individual entrepreneurs carrying out activities in the field of technical maintenance and repair of computers; 3 individual entrepreneurs provide hairdressing services; 1 individual entrepreneur provides services for the production of photo and video products, 1 company provides services for car washing and polishing; 1 individual entrepreneur carries out shoe repair activities.

   In 2018, on the territory of the district, the implementation of the investment project “Construction of a trade facility in the settlement ofFeed on the street.Lenin ", investor - limited liability company" Santa Retail ". 

   The construction of a trade facility with a total area of 990.07 m2 (sales area 549.52 m2) has been successfully completed.As a result of the investment project, 46 new jobs were created.  

   In 2018-2019.the implementation of a large investment project “Construction of a pedigree young stock workshop, a parent flock of the Sozh poultry farm in the settlements of Studenets and Litvinovichi” of RUE “Belorusneft-Osobino” was carried out.As a result of the project, 10 poultry houses were built.The design capacity of 6 poultry houses is 70.7 million eggs per year, the capacity of 4 poultry houses is 48.2 thousand hens per year.  

   In 2019, the reconstruction of the dairy farm of the KSUP "Dubovitsa" in the settlement was also completed.Norkovshchina, Kormyansky District.  

   In 2020, 2 projects were implemented in the agricultural sector: Construction of ZSK-20 KSUP "im.Volodarsky "Kuchin "," Construction of ZSK-20 at OJSC "Kormaagroservice" in n.Starograd of the Kormyansky District ".